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We use our 3 factories equipped with various types of equipment to provide the best quality of work for you. We equip our employees with the best machinery and skills available to serve you better and faster.We offer competitive prices and show our customers that there’s no hassle in working with us. You can easily find all the information you need on how to work with us and get your deliveries on time.

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The PRESS machine can compress the wood into the door with the maximum size of 1500 x 3000 mm, can compress 20 sheets at a time and 3 hours for each compression, which is considered a modern machine. Because normally the machine can compress the door no more than 1220 x 2400 mm


Paint sprayers and painting rooms can spray paint without the need for labor. And reduce pollution within the factory Can spray paint evenly without defects because of this model Spray paint with computer control system With the input of the material to be sprayed through the ROLLER into the spraying chamber and the SENSOR wil.


Wood cutting machine for making door frames Or cut timber. Can cut the wood to the maximum size 300 x 300 mm and can cut the wood to the thinnest 3 mm. Suitable for cutting the door frame And cut the wood to cover  door edge


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